Posted on 13 April 2017

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For years now, walls, ceilings and free-standing options have been the go-to place to adopt wayfinding signage. From directing traffic in large Exhibition Halls to sending people the right way to the toilets in Shopping Centres. Wayfinding signage is needed across a large platform of industries, from restaurants to hospitals and even schools! With a growing advancement in media technology and within the print industry, we feel it’s time to utilise a underestimated surface – THE FLOOR!


For effective wayfinding, we follow a policy of ‘Critical Information’ which analyses when and what information is required. It also examines how the information is communicated, such as sentence structure and prioritising relevant information. We use this information to typically make anything from finger posts to slat directories.


But our range of innovative flooring products leads us to believe we can use graphics to create amazing wayfinding signage beneath your very feet! Whether it be interior or exterior wayfinding, we have the solution!




We have the capabilities to create graphics that can be applied to the floor or become part of the flooring itself. Applications are fit for internal commercial areas such as offices or airports, or external entrance roads and pavements.


With the development of new flooring products, it is now possible to extend wayfinding to the floor. Not only does this add to the excitement of new opportunities, but its branding and marketing elements are profound.




So which products can we use and how can we use them for effective wayfinding?


Over the years we have tested and trialled a vast amount of materials. Alongside the printing capabilities of our incredible machines, your next wayfinding project will be an exciting one!


G-Floor is the most durable of all materials, with graphic printing to the underside it can be used for wayfinding in any industry. Using G-Floor for branding purposes or to create feature floor spots with graphics to guide visitors in certain directions.


AlumiGraphic is perfect for the outdoors, this product moulds to the surface it is applied to. From roads to pavements, it opens up the possibilities to apply wayfinding at entrance gates, way before visitors see your front door (perfect for marketing your brand)!


The possibilities are endless, and we want you to use the floor for your next wayfinding project!




As you already know, we love big ideas. We enjoy stepping outside the box and completing new and inspirational work for all our clients. If you have any questions or would like to request samples of our flooring graphics, then give us a call on 01332 613900.


We look forward to working with you!