Posted on 15 April 2021

Categories: Commercial Space


Timeline infographics are a great way to display historical events in an engaging and tangible way. Whether they are for schools and educational settings, corporate corridors or visitor experience venues, a visual timeline will help your audience digest the chronology. Gaps in history, developmental decades and pivitol events can be mapped and supported with imagery and text to create a stunning design that goes beyond the page. We are a graphics and signage specialist who design and produce spectacular wall, floor, window and wayfinding to transform your space.




A list of historical events is all we need to make your timeline infographic. We can design it for a corridor floor, classroom wall or glazing partitions. We have products to suit every surface, for both short term and long term graphics. Why not walk the journey from Homo Habilis to Modern Man with a printed floor graphic of evolution? Or perhaps explore the history of flight on a ceiling graphic, dye-sublimated to a tension fabric system? Let’s make is 3D with different depth panels. Let’s illuminate your timeline with LEDs! Or we can keep it simple with our eye catching designs to promote your heritage story that will connect with your audience.



We design a range of timeline infographics for walls, floors and windows using our wide range of printable surfaces. We design your timeline in-house thanks to our clever bunch of designers and artworkers, then our production gurus print your graphics in-house, ready to be installed by our professional fitting team. All produced under one roof, by one company with good lead times and lots of experience. Your dedicated account manager will be your primary contact for all your questions and requests throughout the project. We have designed a spectacular range of timeline infographics for schools, academies, commercial and corporate venues as shown in our gallery. We also print and install supplied artwork from design agencies or in-house designers, so if you have your own studio team we offer a friendly support service to make sure you achieve the results you’re dreaming of.




All we need is a series of timeline events to plot into a creatively designed timeline. It is helpful if you supply this, particularly if it is very specific and the details are not widely available. For more commonly known events such as World War II, the British Monarchy or the Olympics Games, we can source this information for you. We will also need to know the space available for our timeline infographics. Our Installation Team will measure this for you, or you can send us the measurements. The size of the wall, floor or window is important because we design specifically for the area. Therefore sockets, switches and pipes will also need noting. Once we have this, we’ll get to work and begin planning the layout and style. You will be involved with this, to ensure you’re happy along the way and before we press print.




Let’s begin with a conversation…



  • Send us your list of timeline events


  • Measure the wall, window or floor and tell us the measurements.



We don’t just create timeline infographics, we create wall infographics for all manner of subjects. Demonstrate your global prowess or international client-base with a map infographic. Compare your daily export tonnage to the weight of 465 elephants. Illustrate a scaled interpretation of the solar system along your school corridor. We love big ideas and we’d love to hear yours!


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