Posted on 07 April 2017

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Tension Fabric Systems create branded, reconfigurable displays capable of adapting to any environment. These are available in multiple depths, the system can be tailored to meet your requirements and floor space, and can even be used to create ceiling hung displays. Perfect for retail displays and pop up shops!

We outline 5 reasons why you should use a fabric tension system for your next project





The biggest advantage of using a tension fabric system is how simple it is to put together and take down. Without the use of specialist equipment or for the need of installers, this product can be put together in a few simple steps. Therefore, its ability to be easily transported with no damage to the framework is the second biggest advantage to a full-poof system.


The graphics for the frame can also be changed with little effort, and because fabric can be folded, you can receive your graphics in an envelope through your front door.




Fancy adding a little light to your printed imagery? Of course! All our tension fabric systems come with an option to be illuminated using LED’s. Using a special back-lit fabric to create your printed graphics.


A LED light box is essentially back-lit, in addition to this, it can also be lit using a halo effect around the frame. You can find out more about FabriLight here.



The real beauty of our tension fabric system is the various environments it can be used in. From wall mounted to ceiling hung, the applications for the versatile product are endless.  Create curved enclosed breakout spaces in the office or exhibition counters at your next show.


Fabric tension systems can also be double sided, or even 3 dimensional to give that prestige look. The freestanding options are also the perfect addition to any shop front or exhibition stand.


You can see what we did for Duresta using a freestanding fabric tension system.



You can probably imagine the cost of new display stands and everything to go with it. Fabric tension displays are fool proof, the frame will last a while, and the only thing you need to do is change the graphics. Easily done? We think so!


And because fabric can be folded, you won’t need to worry about extortionate delivery costs or even install time! But don’t worry, the fabric won’t crease because the system is designed to eliminate any folds or crease lines. Amazing? We know!



A great benefit of using tension fabric system is the ability to print large impact graphic displays that are ultimately seamless. Our dye-sublimation printing technique gives the flawless finish to any printed fabric. As mentioned above, any creases or folded lines are eliminated in the ‘tension’ stage of the install. Leaving you with stunningly crisp imagery to wow your visitors!


We love fabric tension systems, to find out more or request samples of our products then please get in touch! They work effectively in all retail environments, from exhibition stands to pop up shops! Alternatively, you can find out more about our fabric graphics here.