Suono Screen


Suono (n. swo·no) a sound.

Screen (n. skreen) a fixed or movable upright partition used to divide a room.


We’re changing the way you think about acoustic panels with Suono Screen. This revolutionary product can be made to any size to suit your space and can be printed with any colour or image. The versatile mounting system allows the screen to be hung on tensioned wires from the ceiling – like normal acoustic hanging panels – or be freestanding and portable. This is an excellent option for open-plan offices that demand a degree of flexibility. Create instant rooms and booths with Suono Screen. There are a range of feet options including wheels to ease mobility.


The polyester fabric coating is printed using dye-sublimation which mean the ink sinks deep within the fabric fibres to become part of the weave. This technique gives a high definition print with remarkable clarity and colour vibrancy. The Suono Screen fabric sits within a slim-profile aluminium frame that is lightweight and durable. The frame is available in an aluminium finish, black or white, but can also be powder-coated to a RAL colour to follow your design theme.



48mm and 120mm


Custom printed

Hanging panels | Freestanding screens

Custom shapes



If your Suono Screen is freestanding then you can choose from a range of steel footplate options to suit your design theme. Each plate is approximately 6mm deep.


  • Half Plate
    Only visible on one side, which is ideally suited for when the screen is against a wall or desk
    Size: 300 x 125mm. Available as black, white or silver as standard
  • Rectangular Plate
    A narrow foot that is visible from both sides. A streamlined option for Suono Screens
    Size: 500 x 80mm. Available as black, white or silver as standard
  • Square Plate
    A discreet footplate perfect for a minimal style of screen.
    Size: 300 x 300mm. Available as black, white or silver as standard
  • Triangle Plate
    A side-mounted footplate for maximum stability and an angular geometric look.
    Size: 247 x 474mm. Available as black, white or silver as standard
  • Delta Plate
    A side-mounted footplate for stability and a contemporary style.
    Size: 242 x 443mm. Available as black, white or silver as standard


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The real beauty of Suono Screen is the ability to easily change the graphics. The printed polyester fabric has a thin silicon beading stitched onto each edge, which fits into the narrow aluminium channel around the edges of the frame. Once the fabric is fitted it creates a beautifully smooth, drum-skin-like finish which can be easily updated with new graphics.


Change of decor? Time for a seasonal message? Perhaps you have a new internal comms campaign? We simply print a new fabric and pop it in the post direct to your door. The Suono system is ideal for national roll-outs or multiple locations. The one-off installation of the acoustic frame is just the beginning of a completely flexible, updatable solution.


These clever triptych panels for Kia HQ were used to promote one of their products and caught the attention of staff visiting the canteen. The freestanding screens created a corridor for the through-traffic and protected diners from the busy walkway. Lightweight and durable, they were easily moved for cleaning.

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  • Open-plan offices
  • Open spaces
  • Atriums
  • Universities, colleges and school
  • Care homes
  • Waiting rooms
  • Reception areas


  • Completely custom graphics
  • Any size to suit your space
  • A range of frame depths in a colour of your choice
  • Reusable frame with updateable fabrics
  • Choose from hanging or freestanding
  • Portable sizes with a choice of feet designs






Suitability: Hanging panels

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Suitability: Wall art | Ceilings | Hanging panels

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27, 65 and 100mm


Custom printed

Suitability: Wall art | Ceilings

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