Posted on 12 January 2017

Categories: Learning Space



A recent study done by The University of Salford found a very clear and significant link between classroom design and learning performance. More so, it found that school design and layout can positively impact learning performance in pupils by 25%. Therefore, results indicate that a well-designed learning space can indeed positively impact and influence academic performance. The study took into account 6 environmental factors; colour, choice, connection, complexity, flexibility and light.


The idea of magnolia coloured walls along the corridors is daunting enough, which can easily be uplifted to create a positive attitude to learning. Furthermore, finding a balance between teaching methods and learning styles create a great recipe for an inspiring learning space that delivers.





So, how do you create a learning space inspiring enough for pupils and teachers? The answer is, in many ways!


Line your college corridors with inspirational messages, shout about your school ethos through printed flooring. Introduce vibrant and visually stimulating imagery throughout your space that supports student learning. There is an opportunity to communicate with your students through engaging graphics. Whether it be on the stairs, windows, walls or floors. The design you adopt could be the missing link in providing students with the motivation they need.

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We like to think teachers and head teachers have a forward thinking motive and have big ideas for their learning spaces, the next step is bringing those ideas to life! Therefore, we want you to contact us for a Free Site Consultation. We will work with you to create a concept that ties in with your ethos and artwork that inspires your pupils.


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