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Printed voile is a sheer, lightweight, durable fabric and is ideal for draping and soft display purposes. Voile provides a versatile, lightweight, softer branding solution, suitable for a range of uses – its translucent properties are perfect for creating stunning retail and interior spaces where a softer, translucent, sophisticated look is required.


Voile provides a unique opportunity to extend your brand, as its semi-transparent finish makes it an ideal choice for creating gentle waves of curtaining and subtle interior design environments.


The sheerest, most delicate of fabrics, Voile is great for creating spectacular, semi-transparent screens or dividing areas within a room – especially if you suspend layers of printed panels one in front of another to create striking 3D displays.


Although a lightweight, mesh-like fabric, Voile is a robust, easy to handle material that does not fray when cut. It can be stitched to give a more intricate finish and its semi-transparent properties allow light to pass through the reversed printed image so it is visible on both sides.


  • Material 100 % Polyester
  • Width app. 310 cm
  • Weight acc. to DIN EN 12127 g/m²
  • Heat Shrinkage, 195 °C, 90 sec, lengthwise acc. to AA 25 -02
  • Maximum tensile elongation, longitudinal direction acc. to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 20 %
  • Maximum tensile elongation, cross direction acc. to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 30%
  • Maximum tearing strength, longitudinal direction acc. to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 min.110
  • Maximum tearing strength, cross direction acc. to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 min.400


Printed voile opens a huge range of possibilities for point of sale, display marking, exhibition and signage applications. Let MX help turn your creative ideas into a colourful reality. Please get in touch with us to find out more, or request a sample.


Can you help me with my artwork? Yes, our in-house design team can support you.

I’m not sure what product I need. There’s so many how do I choose? Yes! Our expert team can help choose the perfect material for your project.

How do I measure the space I want to add graphics to? Please send your measurements in mm, this will allow us to quote. If you need support measuring, our team can help.

Will I get a proof before it goes to print? Absolutely! All artwork is proofed before we send it to print. Any questions, we’re happy to discuss.


  • Branding purposes
  • Visual merchandising displays
  • Backdrops
  • Banners
  • Window displays
  • Printed curtains
  • Room dividers
  • Corporate hospitality dressing


  • Available in widths up to 3.1m
  • Splash Proof
  • Extremely light
  • Semi-transparent
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Direct & Transfer Sublimation
  • You can see the reversed image on the other side