Brighten up your workspace or event with Phototex wall covering.
A hassle free alternative to traditional wallpaper,phototex needs no paste and when you are ready to remove simply peels off. Our skilled installers can create seamless backdrops for any occasion.
Phototex is the perfect solution for excellent, unique and personal printable wallpaper to give your event or place of business a stunning interior design or advertisement that is easy to use and easy to replace. Perfect for events, office feature wall or advertising installation, this fabric makes wall and window design simple and makes keeping your look fresh.
You won’t need any messy pastes and you can put Phototex on any non porous flat surface without needing to strip of existing wallpaper or paint. It will go up and then come down again in a few minutes, allowing you a swift change in design without excessive work and loss of time. This makes it an entirely repositional wallpaper; perfect for temporary designs.
This product has been designed with ease of use in mind. The unique, low-tack adhesive allows you to pull back each sheet effortlessly. This lets you simply reapply any wrinkled piece and lets you move your Phototex design from one wall or window to another whenever you need to. Phototex comes away leaving your wall almost completely residue-free, making it the perfect removable wall covering.


  • School murals or project walls
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Events
  • Pop-up shops
  • Shows


  • Easily removeable
  • Hassle free
  • No mess
  • Repositionable