Window Film

Optically Clear


Optically clear window film is 100% clear film that when applied, is invisible unless printed. This is a great substrate for very intricate designs that cannot be cut to shape from vinyl or in locations where graphics might be picked off. We can back the graphics with white ink to give the colours real pop or we can double-strike the design for colour depth.


Optically Clear window film is an innovative pressure-sensitive solution to high-quality window film. The most impressive features are that it offers an incredible 5 year durability, 98% UV blocking performance, chemical, humidity and even temperature resistance.


Optically clear is made up of three physical values which creates a dynamic product. It is top coated in a PUV ultra-clear, scratch resistant gloss, which offers flawless optical clarity. This topcoat is designed to ensure a perfect print definition and adhesion of UV digital inks. Optically clear also offers a clear polyester release liner which has been specifically designed to ensure adhesive smoothness.


Optically clear film can be used in many different industries to suit a wide range of requirements. It is the perfect product to create an eye-catching window display for point-of-sale. It can be used for architectural signage, such as frosting glass for office privacy. Or even exhibition graphics. Optically clear film is a great way to create a unique yet durable feature, with endless benefits.


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Can you help me with my artwork? Yes, our in-house design team can support you.

I’m not sure what product I need. There’s so many how do I choose? Yes! Our expert team can help choose the perfect material for your project.

How do I measure the space I want to add graphics to? Please send your measurements in mm, this will allow us to quote. If you need support measuring, our team can help.

Will I get a proof before it goes to print? Absolutely! All artwork is proofed before we send it to print. Any questions, we’re happy to discuss.



Optically clear window film was the perfect solution for this part of a large project. The small intricate text and detailed dashed lines meant that cut-vinyl would have been too small to adhere to the glass and may have peeled off. We printed white ink to the optically clear window film and applied directly to the sheet of toughened glass.

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The tiny jagged edges of these detailed leaves would have been a difficult job to install and time consuming to cut. The purpose of this project was for visitors to explore the space and the intricately cut finish may have been subject to peeling as people brushed passed the surface. Optically clear window film was the ideal solution to minimise installation time and ensure longevity of the graphics.

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  • Windows
  • Glass partitions
  • Glass doors
  • Mirrors
  • Manifestations
  • Office glazing
  • Glass walls


  • Invisible when unprinted
  • Looks like glass
  • Print detailed designs that are unsuitable to be cut-to-shape from vinyl
  • Achieve fades, gradients and subtle effects
  • Designed to cover the full glazing area, it avoids damage from 'picking'