Posted on 19 April 2018

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Office design has a massive impact on your workers.


Colourful and inspiring spaces have been proven to increase motivation, mood and productivity, giving your business the perfect environment to achieve your goals and reach the next level.


The design of your office also reflects your brand and culture, providing the perfect opportunity to promote and showcase exactly what your brand is about and creating a positive first impression for your visitors.


With most of our waking time spent inside an office, it’s more important than ever to offer an inviting and welcoming environment for your workers.


Looking for office design ideas to get inspired? Make the most of your space with our top tips to create a place that people will want to work in.




Before going crazy with finishing touches and flourishes, you need a space that your employees can comfortably and easily inside. There’s no point in creating a creative and beautiful space if your staff can’t work in it – so the first step to great design to always put functionality first.


A top trend in office design and functionality is large and open spaces that encourage collaboration and creativity among your workforce. Combining open spaces with wall graphics is an excellent way to separate or create zones, providing multifunction areas that work around your business.


If private spaces are needed, window graphics generate privacy while maintaining an open and collaborative environment. The window will also allow light to flow into the room, making it brighter and cheerier than being closed off within four walls.




Office design isn’t permanent. As a reflection of your business, it needs to grow and change as you do.


For some, the perfect office design could involve fabric tension displays like our FabriGrab or FabriFrame systems, which hold high-quality fabric graphics that can easily be changed and swapped as needed.




Adding colour isn’t just a way to escape the boring and the bland, it also has a big impact on your workers.


Different colours have different effects. For example, yellow can inspire, green is calming and blue can improve open-mindedness. So, think about how your brand colour scheme can affect your employees and if different areas would benefit from certain colours to make the most from the area.




There is nothing more boring or uninspiring than plain walls. Increase productivity and motivation by creating a design that says goodbye to these bland walls forever.


Every part of your building is a blank canvas for creativity. The best office design ideas are the ones that use your existing space in ways that you might not have thought of before, such as combining and using both floor and wall graphics for offices that truly inspire.


This doesn’t mean you need to go crazy with your design – even simple graphics or wayfinding signage can breathe extra life while making the space seem more open, friendly and accessible.


At MX Display, we use our state-of-the-art production facility and in-house creative studio to design, create and install the perfect office designs. Working with you, we can help spark the creative and motivational fire by building a space that your employees will love to work in.



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