100% Recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable

Libra Weather Board is a 2.2mm grey-centred display board is manufactured from high quality folding boxboard liners which give excellent ink lift to provide an impressive print finish.


The outer white liner is made from FBB virgin fibres, while the grey middle is made from recycled waste.
Approximate percentage of grey recycled middle content as follows; 1000 microns 44%; 1250 microns 48%; 1500 microns 46 %; 1750 microns 62%; 2000 microns 65 %; and 2500 microns 59%




Libra Weather Board comes in 8×4 ft (1220 x 2440mm) sheets as standard, but are also available in other sizes too.




Give us a call on 01332 613 900 to get your Libra Weather Board project started. We can design, artwork, print and install or simply print and deliver. Our friendly team can help talk through what you’ll need and plan your idea.


Email us for a quote on and outline the size and quantities of your project.


  • Hanging signs
  • POP and POS displays
  • 3D modelling
  • Free-standing display units
  • Furniture
  • Exhibition stands


  • 100% recyclable in standard waste paper streams
  • 100% repulpable
  • FSC Certified
  • PVC-Free
  • Biodegradable
  • High Rigidity
  • Excellent cut and crease features
  • Available in 1.2mm and 2.2mm
  • High White Liners