Posted on 19 January 2017

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Our LED Light Box called FabriLight is an eco-efficient way of illuminating certain aspects of your environment to draw attention. An LED Light box is essentially backlit, in addition to this it can also be lit using a halo effect around the frame. The backlit option provides a flawless distribution of lighting, creating the biggest impact on your image. Furthermore, the LEDs come in a range of colours to suit your branding!


In addition, our light boxes use a printable fabric, this fabric features a specialised rear coating for light boxes and light diffusion. MX Display uses a dye sublimation method to create the cleanest, vibrant imagery for your light box.


The system uses a lightweight aluminium frame which comes in various sizes and depths. Finally, the frame has the ability to be cut into any shape and size and can be powdered-coated in a range of colours.





Our clever FabriLight light box system allows you to be able to mount it to walls, doors and even ceilings. Maybe you want to cover a full wall or use it as a double-sided partition, emitting light on both sides. Alternatively, it can be used to highlight multiple small sections across a given area.


In addition, a light box can be used in many different ways, make it a focal point showcasing your company’s brand or to inspire employees with motivational words. It is also a great product for marketing purposes or to sell advertising space.


In conclusion, an LED Light Box is a great way to bring in light, more importantly, it’s fun, creative and just different!





Does the lightbox have to be mounted on a wall?

No, it doesn’t. A light box can be mounted on walls, doors or even ceilings. Furthermore, it can also be freestanding, allowing both sides to be illuminated.


How will I get the light box on the wall?

Don’t worry, our qualified team will carry out a site survey to evaluate the area and then install the system at a time convenient to you.


I don’t know what I want on my light box, can you help?

That’s fine! Take a look on our website for inspiration. Alternatively, our creative design team have lots of ideas, and will happily work with you to design and create a masterpiece!


How does the fabric attach onto the frame?

In a nutshell, silicon beading is stitched to the edge of the fabric graphic, which sits securely into the aluminium frame.


What if I want to change the image or text on the fabric?

The beauty of this product is that it can be changed as often as you like. More importantly, the silicon beading makes it easy to take the fabric off and attach another!


I don’t like bright lights, how can I make sure it’s not?

Not to worry, the LEDs we use can come with dimming options and even timing switches.




If you would like to find out more or book a site consultation for a LED Light Box then contact us today on 0845 8620 322, alternatively, you can visit our FabriLight page.