Posted on 08 March 2018

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No one likes jargon. Too much can overcomplicate even the simplest of things, making it difficult to understand.
At MX Display, we believe in keeping things simple. To help you keep things clear, we’ve created this jargon-buster list of common terms or processes that you might come across in the display industry and what exactly they mean…

Slip resistance testing
Slip resistance testing is a display industry test of how slippery a flooring is.
If a floor doesn’t have enough friction – people are more likely to fall over it. Testing how much friction a floor has, slip resistance tests are used to make sure that a floor isn’t too slippery or dangerous for people to walk on.
At MX Display, we use a slip resistance test called a pendulum test to make sure that our floor graphics and displays are safe to walk on.

Pendulum test
The pendulum test is a type of slip resistance testing – that measures how slippery a floor is.
Designed to replicate the act of the heel of a foot hitting the floor, the pendulum test measures the friction of the floor – at the point where most slips occur.
The test is also portable and can test flooring in a range of conditions, such as wet, dry or contaminated floors, giving the most accurate reading of how slippery the floor is.
As the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) preferred method of testing – this is what display industry professionals use to make sure floor graphics not only look great but are also safe for people to walk on.

Dye-sublimation (dye-sub)
Dye-sublimation is the process we use to print inks onto a fabric.
Instead of printing on the surface of the fabric, dye-sublimation uses specially-designed inks and fabrics that allow the ink to become part of the weave of the fabric.
Creating an incredibly soft and smooth finish, dye-sublimation ensures beautiful and permanent colours and designs that will never fade or crack.

Ultra-drop is a printing technology we use at MX Display to deliver stunning images and results.
The technology enables us to print three different layers of graphics on a single run. The multi-level use of the ultra-drop printing technology allows us to create a wide range of effects, producing unique and stunning printing results – particularly for white ink printing. Providing unbeatable high-resolution graphics, ultra-stop printing allows your displays to truly stand out from the crowd with dramatic, sharper and stunning visuals that are guaranteed to impress.

Cutting through the jargon, our guide is here to help you clear the confusion and make displays simple.
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