Fingerpost Signage - Wooden Finger Post Signs

Effective and straight to the point

Fingerposts are a highly effective type of wayfinding solution, most commonly used outdoors to direct visitors and customers easily around open spaces and landmarks.


This type of signage is usually installed above head height, making it highly visible and prominent to pedestrians and cyclists and, due to its durable and weather-resistant properties, makes an ideal solution for outdoor areas such as parks, universities, town centres, theme parks, zoos, tourist attractions and heritage sites.


Fingerposts can be produced using a wide variety of materials, and can be completely branded and customised with logos, icons, text and images to reflect your environment or space. They can also be easily repositioned and updated when you need to rebrand or change the layout and location of your signage.


Our years of wayfinding experience means that not only can we design, print and install your fingerpost signage, but we have the knowledge and expertise to work with you and advise on wayfinding strategy and location planning.



Can you help me with my artwork? Yes, our in-house design team can support you.

I’m not sure what product I need. There’s so many how do I choose? Yes! Our expert team can help choose the perfect material for your project.

How do I measure the space I want to add graphics to? Please send your measurements in mm, this will allow us to quote. If you need support measuring, our team can help.

Will I get a proof before it goes to print? Absolutely! All artwork is proofed before we send it to print. Any questions, we’re happy to discuss.



As part of a £27.7 million redevelopment project, MX were invited to carry out a full signage audit, as well as design a new wayfinding strategy, that would bring together two existing large college campuses, as part of a merger. Fingerposts formed part of a suite of new signage and graphics, including monliths, slat signage, 3D lettering and a range of internal and external signage. Take a look here.

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Fingerpost signage for college campus
Business Park fingerpost signage


Charnwood Campus is a business park set within beautiful surroundings, with lush green plants, ponds, lakes and trees. They approached us to design, produce and install a full suite of bespoke outdoor wayfinding signage, which included fingerpost signage across the site. Take a look here.

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Business Park fingerpost signage


  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Education
  • Property and Construction
  • Retail
  • Events and Exhibitions


  • High-impact
  • Highly visible
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Customisable and bespoke
  • Available in various finishes and designs