FabriGrab™ is an incredible fabric tension system which effectively replaces the need for full wall coverings in vinyl or wallpaper, eliminating any seams or damage to the wall behind. The slim extrusion creates a narrow gap between the wall and fabric to create a smooth fabric finish with vibrant graphics. The super slimline FabriGrab™ frame attaches neatly to the wall, around windows, doors, sockets and switches. It is available in a range of colours and finishes to match the decor, brand or graphics.



Custom sizes and profile depths:
The low-profile PVC frames can cover entire walls or ceilings or several smaller sections.

Our fabric faces can be printed with your supplied design, a replica of the decor/colour scheme, or our studio team can design your graphic from a brief.

FabriGrab™ graphics can be replaced and updated when required which allows you to use the panels for marketing messages, brand awareness or sell advertising space.

Assessment and installation
Our professional consultants can carry out a site survey to ensure the best finish and then install the final product using our experienced and qualified fitters.


Can you help me with my artwork? Yes, our in-house design team can support you.

I’m not sure what product I need. There’s so many how do I choose? Yes! Our expert team can help choose the perfect material for your project.

How do I measure the space I want to add graphics to? Please send your measurements in mm, this will allow us to quote. If you need support measuring, our team can help.

Will I get a proof before it goes to print? Absolutely! All artwork is proofed before we send it to print. Any questions, we’re happy to discuss.



Our preferred fabric for the FabriGrab™ system is a 215 gsm (+3%), 100% polyester substrate which is available in widths of 3200mm. It has been finished with INKTeX+BS® for direct print with diverse inks with flame retardant treatment. This fabric has been classified as DIN 4102-B1 and EN13501.


When required, we also use a block-out fabric which has a special coating on the reverse to block-out any show-through from behind the fabric. This is particularly suitable for plastic panel walls, or walls with an existing graphics that cannot be removed. Blockout fabric is also great for covering unwanted windows, as shown in the example here for Quarrydale Academy. This unusable space was chosen to communicate a valuable school message and this image shows the wall after the installation.

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FabriGrab™ uses a super slimline frame which attaches neatly to the perimeter wall, and around windows, doors, sockets and switches. It is available in a range of colours and finishes to match the decor, brand or graphics. It is so slim it is barely noticeable.


The low-profile frame is made from PVC and is available in a range of colours and finishes. The fabric is pushed into the framework and tensioned to a drum-skin like finish that looks like wallpaper. Once the frame has been installed, it can be reused in the future. Our professional installation teams can remove the existing fabric and tension a new graphics. This is particularly useful for campaigns of internal communications that may change over time. The image shown here is Quarrydale Academy  before the installation.

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  • Offices
  • Corridors
  • Reception areas
  • Boardrooms
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Education settings
  • Retail environments


  • The fabric graphics can be updated and replaced
  • Flame retardant fabrics
  • Creates a smooth finish over damaged or uneven walls
  • The profile is barely noticeable and is available in a range of colours
  • Fabrics and can be folded and transported easily, reducing carbon emissions and transportation costs.