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A complement to acoustic ceilings, Ecophon Akusto solves acoustic challenges whilst also providing opportunities to follow current trends in design and installation. An array of colours and different textured finishes ensure that Akusto is suitable for a range of applications.






Wall art | Full walls | Ceilings

Custom shapes:



Akusto One focusses on both design and flexibility. It’s easy to combine the different sizes, shapes and colours to create the right atmosphere. Akusto One is available in both the Texona and the Akutex™ FT surface, which offers a wide range of colours.  This system offers endless creative possibilities, working with different formats and colours to create various patterns.

Akusto One is available in various sizes with a weight of 2,0-4,5 kg. The panel is manufactured from high density glass wool.  The back of the panel is covered with glass tissue. The edges are straight cut and painted in white or grey.


Available sizes:

  • Circle Ø592mm
  • Circle Ø792mm
  • Circle Ø1192mm
  • Square 592 x 592mm
  • Rectangle 1192 x 592mm
  • Rectangle 1192 x 292mm
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A simple panel and profile system for a sleek minimalist look.

The system consists of Ecophon Akusto™ Wall edge A panels and Connect™ profile systems, has an approximate weight of 4 kg/m². The panels are manufactured from high density glass wool. The visible surface has a glass fibre fabric (Texona) or an impact resistant glass fibre fabric (Super G™), and is also available with a painted surface (Akutex™ FT). The back of the panel is covered with glass tissue. The edges are natural. The Texona gamma version offers a reflecting surface, see absorption diagram. For best performance and system quality, use Connect™ grid and accessories. The profiles are manufactured from galvanized steel (Connect™ Channel trim) or aluminum (Connect™ Thinline).


Super G-A surface for environments where mechanical impact occurs

Super G™ is a glass fibre fabric with high impact resistance. The combination of this strong fabric and a high density glasswool core creates robust and impact resistant wall- and ceiling absorbers. It is available in 3 colours; white, pale blue and mid grey.


Available sizes: 2700 x 600mm

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Akutex™ FT-A modern surface

Available in many colours and for most Ecophon products.

Akusto One is coated with Akutex™ FT which has many more, smaller pores than the Akutex™ T. The FT coating is even more dirt repellent, making the surface easier to clean and allows the superior acoustic properties to be retained.


From left to right:

White Frost, Volcanic Ash, Silver Stone, Silk Slate, Summer Breeze, Silent Steam, Ocean Storm, Moonlight Sky, Golden Field, Sunset Heat, Ruby Rock, Dark Diamond, Morning Drizzle, Cloudy Day, Pale Pearl, Highland Fog.


Note: Colours may vary slightly between different production batches. Reproduction of colours may vary between print and reality.

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Chosen in collaboration with interior designers, architects and textile designers.

If you want to create expressive sound absorbing wall solutions with a wide range of colours, Texona is the perfect choice. Texona has a smooth textured surface, and is available in 13 colours and exclusively available to the Akusto range.


From left to right:

Sea Salt, Ginger, Garlic, Oyster, Pepper, Thyme, Menthol, Poppy Seed, Acai, Liquorice, Mustard, Cranberry, Tangerine.


Note: Colours may vary slightly between different production batches. Reproduction of colours vary between print and reality.

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Fixings and installation

Using Ecophon’s glass wool composition means that Akusto panels are very lightweight but at the same time robust, which makes installations effortless. There are three different ways of mounting Akusto One to your wall;

When precision is key:

Connect One trim is a metal list that you screw to the wall. The ends have a cut out V-form. They act as holders for two Connect Absorber anchor one, which are screwed into the backside of the panel.

Making a statement:

Connect One fixing is an easy way of mounting Akusto One panels. Screw the holder to the wall, cut a hole in the panel and thread it onto the holder. Secure the panel with a button that comes in multiple colours.


As easy as can be:

Connect One hook fixing is a metal plate with two hooks. Screw the plate to the wall, then press the panel onto the hooks. Round and square 600 mm panels require only one Connect One hook fixing, all others require two.

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  • Office spaces
  • Atriums
  • Reception areas
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Theatres and halls
  • Call centres


  • Reduced sound bounce
  • Reduces echoing
  • Softer acoustics
  • On-brand colour options
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Fitted by our team of professional installers






Suitability: Celings | Hanging panels

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31 to 140mm



Suitability: Wall art | Full walls | Ceilings

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27, 65 and 100mm


Custom printed

Suitability: Wall art | Ceiling

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