asphalt walk

the original outdoor media solution

AsphaltWalk is designed to be used for short to midterm applications dependent on where the product is applied. The product can be used on asphalt, cement and untreated stone, pavements and many more surfaces.


The material can easily be removed from such surfaces. AsphaltWalk is designed to be very robust against abrasion and other influences caused by normal use of the product. The special adhesive is designed to work outdoor on rough surfaces.


It can be cut-to-shape to create bespoke designs for wayfinding floor graphics, product launches, event flooring and short-term advertising campaigns.


*Dependant on footfall and surface.



6 months*

Slip rating:



Thickness: 0.3mm

Roll width: 1220mm

Fire rating: M1/F2

Suitability: Outdoor



Full coverage

We can print and lay AsphaltWalk to cover large areas like the image below (from Asphalt Art) which can totally transform a space and draw attention to your campaign.

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  • Shop entries and stairways
  • Bus, tramway or metro stations, airports
  • Sport events: Motor sport events, marathons etc
  • Car, motorbike & general vehicle resellers
  • Museums, meetings and other cultural events
  • Petrol stations
  • Car parks - indoor and outdoor including driveways
  • Fast food drive through
  • Sports stadiums
  • Pedestrian areas


  • High visual impact
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Suitable for rough surfaces
  • Slip resistant
  • PVC Free