A foil-based malleable adhesive graphic that is designed to mould around brickwork or textured walls. Alumigraphics comes in a smooth matt finish and can be installed without professional heating equipment. Perfect for indoor decoration to look like the graphics have been applied directly to the walls or for short to medium length outdoor campaigns.


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Can you help me with my artwork? Yes, our in-house design team can support you.

I’m not sure what product I need. There’s so many how do I choose? Yes! Our expert team can help choose the perfect material for your project.

How do I measure the space I want to add graphics to? Please send your measurements in mm, this will allow us to quote. If you need support measuring, our team can help.

Will I get a proof before it goes to print? Absolutely! All artwork is proofed before we send it to print. Any questions, we’re happy to discuss.



Alumigraphics is also available as a smooth matte finish. The same conformable aluminium substrate with a smooth surface is great for moulding around brickwork to give an authentic wall mural effect. We used Alumigraphic Smooth for our project at Burleigh Potteries Visitor Centre. We printed the traditional ceramic pattern to Alumigraphic which made the walls look like they had been hand-painted with the design synonymous with Burleigh.


Our installation team didn’t need any heating equipment to apply the material and they said it was a dream to work with. It gives a lovely finish that can last up to year, or even longer in good conditions such as this indoor space.

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  • Brick wall graphics
  • Concrete wall graphics
  • Textured walls
  • Internal and external walls
  • Outdoor campaigns
  • Outdoor events
  • Temporary wayfinding solutions


  • Rugged aluminium foil material naturally conforms to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces, appears as a painted graphic
  • Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backing provides superior holding strength and does not require professional installation
  • Simple peel off removal with typically no residue remaining on surface
  • Environmental friendly with no PVC or hazardous elements and is able to be disposed with aluminium recycling


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